Drone Safety Pre Flight Checklist

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Reducing the risk when flying a drone is of paramount importance. The lower end drones are very light but could still cause significant injury, whilst those used at the higher end of the profession are very heavy, move quickly and could cause significant damage to

people, property, livestock. It is therefore crucial to complete the following checks prior to take off to ensure a safe flight. The checklist will help the pilot be safe and meet the legal requirements of drone operation and also compliance with drone regulations such as the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

  • Crew - Log details of the Crew

  • Pilot / Co-Pilot / Visual Observer (if applicable)

  • Weather Information

  • Cloud Cover %

  • Wind Direction and Speed

  • Temperature

  • Site Information

  • NOTAMS have been checked

  • Location of nearest Airport

  • Is the Property, people or land under your control

  • Safe Distance from Property, People, Livestock

  • Any Overhead Obstructions - For example - Trees, Power Lines,Mobile Sites

  • Take Off / Landing site identified clearly with appropriate safety requirements

  • Secondary Landing site (should it be required)

  • Home Point Updates / Identified

  • All Safety Signs and PPE in place

  • Documentation

  • Pilot License (if applicable - PfCO)

  • Any waivers in place

  • Airspace Authorisation (if applicable)

  • Drone Equipment Visual Inspection

  • Gimbal Lens Cover REMOVED

  • Radio Transmitter ON and FULLY CHARGED

  • Drone frame is free from signs of damage (cracks / loose parts / wires)

  • Propellers are free from damage and motors spin freely

  • Batteries are correctly installed and fully charged

  • Drone Firmware

  • ALWAYS ensure the latest firmware is installed prior to any flight - Firmware is often updated to remove potential errors, or improve functionality and safety.

  • Take Off

  • Calibrate compass is completed (as required)

  • Signal Strength and Satellite coverage has been checked

  • Inform any spectators regarding launch, again if applicable.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and by implementing the learning you will help keep the industry safe for all !

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