Are Drone Selfies the new Phone Selfie

Always looking for the insta shot with your phone, well now is the time to wow your audience with the sexy drone selfie. Drone photography is really taking the world by storm and is taking our content to the next level.

The Perfect High Angle Birds Eye Shot

The birds eye view is the most common angle for drone photography and easily taken with the tech available. Drop in a blurred background and you will impress the social media community. Take it one step further, consider your pose, but to be at your best, laying down it the way to go !

Check Out Different Angles and Symmetry

With traditional selfies you look straight at the camera, usually at arms length, or at best with a selfie stick. Explore an infinite number of angles, heights and perspectives using a drone.

Using the rule of thirds for the most pleasing composition, take in account the perfect balance with colour, texture and other geometric shapes within the image.

Final Thoughts

It is proven a drone selfie will boost the number of likes and take your social media presence to a new level. With so many options to play with, you have infinite creativity.

If you're interested to learn more or would like to arrange your personal photo shoot, then drop us a DM or mail for further details !

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