Does the inclusion of Drone Images increase Estate Agent Listings?

According to calculations completed by RISMedia, those listing agents who deploy drone for real estate could see an increase in listings as high as 73% with deal closing increasing as high as 68%. In addition if you are to follow the MLS statistics, homes with Aerial images sold 68 Percent faster than homes with standard images. Video tours which include drone footage is also a great way to make your property stand out against the competition and also attracts new listings. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 73 percent of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home.

An Australian real estate group reported a 403% increase in traffic for listings that included video compared to those with standard images.

So are drones worth it? If we base the sums on the above, and keep the number simple. If you close 11 sales per year at an approximate fee of £5k, equates to £55k per annum. Using the statistics from RISMedia, they suggest a home sells 68 % faster when using aerial imagery, and 78% of homeowners are likely to list with an agent who uses video, we can be conservative and say an increase of 50% in listings and closing deals, is extremely likely. Therefore is you were to close 17 transactions per year, this would e

quate to £85k (£5k fee) an increase in £30k.

The average cost to hire a pilot is about £300 per listing. If you use a pilot for each listing, it will cost you somewhere in the region of £5.1k, leading to an increase of £24.9k in revenue. An increase of 45%.

Still not convinced....go ahead and give it a try, gain the advantage for your property, get noticed, stand out, sell more and sell quicker.

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